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Energy for your home:

Electricity with benefits

  • 24/7 emergency service for free
  • Coverage up to EUR 150 per emergency
  • Technician availability within 2 hours
  • Fixed term of 12 months
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Gas with benefits

  • Favourable gas supply prices
  • 24/7 gas and heating technician emergency service
  • Boiler repairs up to EUR 150
  • Fixed term of 36 months
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New Customer Zone

New Customer Zone

Now, the new Customer Zone comes with a gift and a competition, where you can win 9 Apple iPhone 6S smartphones and 3 Smart TV Samsung 48".

Household services:

ZSE Balík Domov (complete package of household services)

ZSE Asistuje Plus, ZSE Zdravie and ZSE IT Pomoc – all the benefits under one umbrella. Save EUR 1.44 per month.

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ZSE Asistuje Plus (assistance services)

Complete emergency service, repairs of appliances including spare part costs up to EUR 200.

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ZSE Zdravie (health services)

Premium healthcare for your entire family up to EUR 200.

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Household insurance

Complete household insurance and indemnity insurance. No deductible, no fixed term, quick insurance pay-out.

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ZSE IT Pomoc (IT assistance services)

Need new software installed via remote access or your data recovered from a damaged data carrier? We can do it.

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Energy certificate

You will need one if you are getting a final approval for your house, or if you are selling a house or an apartment. Get your energy certificate from us for a favourable price of EUR 119.

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Renewable energy sources subsidy

New energy saving solutions. Apply for a subsidy for photovoltaic panels and solar collectors

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