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We are ZSE Energia

We have been on the market for more than 95 years. ZSE Energia, a.s. is a Slovak electricity and gas supplier. We operate in the Western Slovakia and beyond. ZSE Energia is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (hereinafter only as the “Holding”). We entered the market by spinning-off from our Holding on 1 July 2007 as an electricity and gas supplier. Before this date, all activities related to sale, supply and distribution of electricity were provided by the Holding. The spin-off of electricity and gas sale from distribution was due to applicable Slovak and EU laws (Act No. 251/2012 Z.z. on Energy).

About us

ZSE Energia, a.s. is one of the biggest gas and electricity suppliers in Slovakia Our company has been present mainly in the Western Slovakia for more than 95 years, but we provide our quality services also outside this region. Every day, more than a million customers rely on us.

Our history

On 1 July 2007, due to the liberalisation of the energy market, ZSE Energia, a.s. became a 100 per cent subsidiary of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. The spin-off was due to applicable Slovak and EU laws under Act No. 251/2012 Z.z. on Energy. Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. is part of the German energy Group E.ON, who is a 49 per cent shareholder of the company. The Slovak Republic is a 51 per cent shareholder via the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic. In 2011, ZSE Energia, a.s. was also granted a licence for gas supplies.

Our vision

  • We introduce innovations in the field energy-related products and services
  • We are a trendsetter in the field of customer care improvement
  • We focus on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and conservation of the Environment
  • We specialise in energy consulting via our www.setri.sk website 
  • We are the lead supporter of regions and corporate social responsibility within the ZSE Group

Business activities

Core business activities as stated in records of the Commercial Register

  • Purchase of goods for the resale to other businesses (wholesale)
  • Purchase of goods for the resale to end customers (retail)
  • Mediation activities to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Business advisory services to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Electricity supply
  • Advisory and consultancy activities in energy sector to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Electricity generation in facilities with the total installed capacity below 5MW
  • Generation of electricity from renewable sources in facilities with the total installed capacity below 5MW, if electricity is being generated in a small hydroelectric power plant, wind power plant, solar facility, facility using geothermal sources, biomass facility, or biogas facility
  • Advertising and marketing services
  • Gas supply
  • Energy audit
  • Provision of energy services with guaranteed energy savings
  • Installation, refurbishment and maintenance of specified and non-specified electrical equipment
  • Provision of supporting energy services
  • Repairs, technical inspections and technical tests of specified electrical equipment 
  • Preparatory works for constructions
  • Exterior and interior finishing works


Board of Directors

Juraj Krajcár

Mgr. Juraj Krajcár

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rastislav Jamrich

Ing. Rastislav Jamrich

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Juraj Bayer

Ing., Mgr. Juraj Bayer, PhD.

Member of the Board of Directors

Michal Dubeň

PhDr. Michal Dubeň

Member of the Board of Directors

Dušan Petrík

Ing. Dušan Petrík

Member of the Board of Directors

Supervisory Board

Mgr. Lucia Macaláková
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Martin Pleva
Member of the Supervisory Board
JUDr. Rastislav Hubač
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Peter Hanulík
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Andrea Schlettová
Member of the Supervisory Board
Mgr. Helena Halászová
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Ladislav Ješík
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Tomáš Pavlíček
Member of the Supervisory Board

Shareholders Overview

As of Dec. 31, 2018 Absolute value in EUR Thousands Share in Registered Capital Voting Rights
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. 6,639 100 %
100 %

System of Integrated management

In its activities, ZSE Energia, a.s. observes quality standards related to electricity and gas supplies and all relevant services pursuant to legal regulations, while heeding the first principle of European health, safety & environment policies "Prevention is better than cure". We have prioritised the preventive management approach in our company.

ZSE Energia, a.s. aims at achieving best possible quality of services provided to both existing, as well as potential new customers and maintain a stable position on the energy market while considering the environment, decreasing negative environmental effects and eliminating work related safety hazards.

For this reason, ZSE Energia, a.s. introduced the system of integrated management (SIM), which was certified by 3 EC International, a. s.

In ZSE Energia, a. s., SIM comprises of the following three individual management systems:

  OHS, Environment and Quality policy
  E.ON statement to the OHS and Environment Policy 
  Efficient OHS management system certificate
Efficient Environment management system certificate
Electricity sourcing and sale certificate

Information on alternative resolution of disputes

Information under Article 14(1) of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes:

Customers, who are consumers can use the RSO platform for an alternative resolution of disputes, available at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

Contact information


ZSE Energia, a. s.
Čulenova 6
816 47 Bratislava

Mail Address:

ZSE Energia, a.s.
P.O.BOX 325
810 00 Bratislava 1



Customer line for international calls:

+421-(0)37-776 38 80

Visit us:

ZSE Centers

Emergency hotlines:

ZSE distribution area
+421-(0)800-111 567

SSE distribution area
+421-(0)800-159 000

VSE distribution area
+421-(0)800-123 332

Contact for media:

Michaela Dobošová
ZSE Spokesperson
+421-(0)907-718 130

Individual care for large customers:

+421-(0)907-718 252

Bank details:

Tatra banka, a. s.
Account No.: 2624106902/1100 
IBAN: SK4711000000002624106902 
(not for payments of electricity / gas invoices)

Company Registration No.: 36677281 
Tax ID No.: 2022249295 
VAT ID No.: SK2022249295

Registered at the Companies Register of District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sa, Insert No.: 3978/B.

Customer Zone: